Makes you the hero to your audience.

Direct response copywriting.
For your business.

Hey, I’m Tanja and I write copy so you make money.

No, I don’t mean pretty slogans and all that shiny, oh so clever MadMen stuff. I write direct response copy. Copy that is clear, actionable and makes people do things. (So they buy your products, click your links, read your emails…)

It’s like the Chuck Norris of copywriting. In your face, to the point, exactly what your prospect needs to hear to buy from you… rather than your competition.

The right message to the right audience can result in generous profits and happy customers.
For you!

“That’s me attacking a mountain of yummy pancakes. I sometimes do that…”

Here’s how it works.

You and I hop on a Skype call. We go through every aspect of what is it that you do, what your vision is, and where you want to go. We then dig deep into your target market’s biggest pains and most burning desires.

In fact, this is so important that I do an extensive audience research on my own to really dig deep into their hearts and minds, and make sure that nothing is left out or overlooked! Only then, I retreat into my copy den to start writing words that compel your readers to take action.

You keep doing what you do best – delivering your world class service or building your product – while I make sure that your messages get read, understood, and acted upon.

Emails, landing pages, sales letters, lead magnets… Everything is written in a way to instantly connect with your readers and compel them to buy your stuff! Plus, it sounds like you talking directly to them. Like you normally would in an one-on-one conversation. Honest, true, and sincere.

You do want that, don’t you?

Here’s what happens next

You click the big red button below and send me a short and simple email saying, “hey Tanja, I’m interested. Let’s talk!”
I get back to you the next working day and we schedule a short call at your best convenience. As simple as that.

If you need copy written for:
– landing pages,
– sales letters,
– VSL scripts,
– email sequences,
– autoresponders,

… or any other marketing material that requires people to do things, then click the big red button below and let’s take it from there!

Dean Jackson
“I’ve been working with Tanja for a year now… and she writes exactly the kind of emails that I would write if I could count on me to write them. I highly recommend working with Tanja, she’s been fantastic for me.”

David Garfinkel, The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach
“What happens when you combine the creativity of a marketer with the vision of a scientist? You get powerfully compelling copy. And that’s exactly what you get from Tanja. Her words reach deep into your prospect’s minds. When they buy — and many of them will — they are truly convinced it was their decision!”

Jaime from
“She writes my weekly newsletter and I’m having amazing response… I’m ridiculously impressed with her!”

Gianluca Trombetta, founder at
“I was struggling to get my project in the right direction, juggling with too many things. Tanja helped me get clarity and guided me with my email course creation.
We discussed strategy and answered the hard questions that came up and all this helped me understand on a deeper level who my audience was and what they needed.
Now I have a product that my audience loves… And she wrote a landing page for my email course that converted like crazy!”

No, thank you.
Let me go to your free content for now.

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